Why You Need a Budget Planner

Published on June 25, 2019 by Lauren

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  • There are so many reasons why you need a budget planner. In this article I will break down those reasons and some helpful tips and tricks to stay on track with your budget planner.

    Why you Need a budget Planner

    A Money Saving Budget Planner is the #1 Financial Tool that I absolutely NEED in my life! I was sick and tired of having bills all over the house, missing payments, and feeling stressed about where my money was disappearing to!

    That is why I started looking at the benefits of using a budget planner and decided to give it a try. The planner I am using in this blog post is The Personal Finance Planner. It is the the best budget planner in my opinion.

    7 Reasons why you need a budget planner:

    1.) You will feel better with all your money in the same place.

    I was so sick and tired of having bills spread all of the house and not knowing what was going on. My significant other was asking me questions about our money and I didn’t have the answers. Having a budget planner and USING it on a monthly basis not only gives me peace of mind, but also helps my partner know what is going on.

    2.) Stop missing payments.

    Are you sick and tired of late payment fees? I was to. With my planner I have a monthly budget page where I write down all the due dates of my bills. This helps me not miss any payments and saves me money in the long run.

    Why you Need a budget Planner

    You know what’s funny…people won’t pay for a $45 planner but will miss 2 bills and pay $50 in late fees instead. I see this all the time! When I was deeply in debt I remember saying “I don’t have money for that” – then I missed 2 bills because I was so disorganized!

    3.) Plan a month ahead and your months will go SO much smoother!

    I do my budget the last Sunday of every month. The last Sunday in June, I budget ahead for the month of July. This helps me plan the entire month out in advance so that there aren’t any surprises and I can adjust my spending when necessary.

    Did you know that the last Sunday of every month I do a LIVE BUDGET NIGHT, where we sit down at 8pm and budget together on my Facebook and Instagram pages?

    4.) You owe it to yourself to set financial goals and stick to them.

    If you don’t create a plan and write that plan down, it won’t happen. If you pray for God to do your dishes, most likely they will sit in the sink dirty. God won’t do the dirty work for you. By writing down your monthly budget, you create momentum and start achieving your financial goals.

    5.) Create a habit.

    When I wake up and have my coffee, I glance through my planner. I am looking to see if I have any bills due that day and what I am making for dinner that night. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Set up your planner and use it for 21 days and I promise you your finances will get better!

    6.) It helps you afford the things you need.

    Since budgeting allows you to create a spending plan for your money, it ensures that you will always have enough money for the things you need and the things that are important to you.

    7.) Provides you with an early warning for potential problems

    When you budget and take a “big picture” view, you will see potential money problems in advance, and be able to make adjustments before the problem occurs.

    For example: Because you are budgeting every month and you see that you are barely getting by, you won’t be surprised when Christmas arrives and you have ZERO money for gifts. You can now set aside a certain amount of money every month in a Christmas savings account (I recommend using Smarty Pig).

    There are so many more reasons why you need a financial planner, but these are my top ones.

    Want to know how to create a budget that works? Check out my YouTube Videos below.


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